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There are several reasons you may consider buying a refurbished cell phone over buying a new one or used one. Get the latest refurbished phones at a lower cost, as this is something that you will get if you purchase them at Verizon. Some people will pay retail, but millions are looking for, and finding, good deals on used or refurbished phones instead.

If you are looking to get a cell phone on the cheap, you should look for a dealer who will sell you a solid used & refurbished phone that comes with a nice warranty and money-back guarantee. If you know the type of phone you want to buy, and want to get the best deal, here are some awesome places to find used, refurbished, pre-owned, or opened-box Android phones, iPhones, iPads, and more. Some places will sell used phones, refurbished phones, or you will see terms such as certified, refurbished, or even pre-owned.

Naturally, you are likely to get a better deal on refurbished and pre-owned devices, whereas unboxed phones are usually closer to the full retail price – after all, they are roughly brand-new. Most certified pre-owned phones are over a year old, but you do get the Samsung-rebuilt phone, new charger and headphones, and the standard 1-year Samsung warranty, so there is some peace of mind.

Refurbished phones do not typically ship in original packaging, and they might not include all accessories like chargers or headphones, but they do typically ship with a 1-year warranty (but check). Sells may say, as Glyde will give its customers a one-year warranty, as well as a 15-day free returns policy. Most networks will only sell Grades A-C. You may be able to find Grade D phones from a few eBay-based phone repair dealers, but even these usually only advise that you purchase a single one if you are capable of fixing the phones yourself.

If the phone is described as restored, and you are buying from a network, an established dealer, or a dealer on a yard sale site, you can trust that the phone has been tested, cleaned, cleaned, and is covered under warranty. Back Market works with handset repair technicians and refurbished manufacturers to sell phones in various conditions and at different price points, with ratings listed for everything from a phones physical condition to how much you will save in electronic waste when buying a pre-owned device. Gazelle Gazelle repairs and sells phones that Gazelle purchases from consumers, and offers last years top devices from Samsung and Google (plus any recent iPhone models). Check our Refurbished iPhone Mobiles Collection. 

The key is you are buying an older phone, something that someone may have bought a year or two ago and traded it in to get a discount on a newer device. A little digging shows that previously owned phones the retailers are listing as repaired were only used for up to 14 days, then returned by the customer who changed his or her mind. During this period, people provide reviews of the model phones, power banks, printers, laptops, etc., so customers can choose among model phones with ease. Check our refurbished Mobiles Collection.

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