Refurbished means to renovate or redecorate a product. Refurbished Phones, simply speaking, are the phones which were previously owned by someone and once returned by the owner, they are inspected and repaired by the manufacturer or seller, so it can function like a new product, though it may show wear from use. 

The phones returned by the original owner aren’t always found faulty, sometimes the customer changes their mind about the phone just after unboxing them and return them to the seller. But if returned because of some fault, the damage could be as simple as a cracked screen or damage to the phone due to water. But, once returned; the phone is labelled as ‘used’ or subsequently ‘refurbished’.

Refurbished devices undergo a series of tests by the refurbishing company to ensure that they are in full-working order and their cosmetic condition is first-rate. The faulty products undergo various types of process so that specific fault can be detected and using suitable tools the fault is rectified properly with all caution. This prolongs the life of device.

 It, is not guaranteed that the refurbished phone is completely immune to all the faults now but at least now it’s a brand-new phone with all problems rectified and equivalent to a new phone produced out of a production plant. Even a new phone is prone to various kinds of faults depending on how user handles and take care of it. A phone which is working already may only need a cosmetic refurbishment to reduce any signs of wear and tear, whereas a broken phone may need considerable work to fix issues. Sometimes functionality of some hardware features will need to be restored as well as a cosmetic makeover so that it will resemble a ‘like-new’ device. 

Talking about refurbishment activity, these activities are not carried out at any local repair centers, it is either done by the professional repairers to whom the brand(Company, Original Equipment Manufacturer ) sell these faulty goods OR in few cases by the brand(company, OEM’s) itself if they have such facilities available within the country (varies from brand to brand).



Things to keep in mind before opting for a refurbished phone:-


  • Factory settings: It is important to check whether the phone’s data of previous ownership is completely wiped out or not. The phone should be restored to factory settings, which will ensure that the customer sets the phone according to his or her preferences. If there is any information provided in the phone before any usage, then it can be said that the phone is not properly refurbished.


  • Warranty: A refurbished phone generally comes with a warranty exactly as that of the original phone. If any phone lacks such warranty, then the customer must think twice before opting for such product.



  • Overall condition: One must examine the phone thoroughly on the functionality and to ensure it’s clear of any faulty accessories or imitation.


  • Valid Invoice: Buy a refurbished phone from a seller who is only willing to support the product with a valid purchase invoice or bill. This will help the consumer in returning the device or getting it repaired, if found faulty.



  • Model’s History: Some phone models are known to have a specific mechanical glitch or an operating issue. The buyer must research the model’s overall review and performance before buying.


  • Affordability: One of the main reasons to opt for a refurbished phone is because of its affordability. A refurbished phone costs a lot less than the same device in brand-new condition.



  • Explore finance schemes: Several finance schemes are available in the market, which will make it even more convenient for a customer to purchase a refurbished smartphone. Today, easy EMIs with extended tenures help customers to own smartphone models with a high aspirational value.


Benefits of Refurbished Phones:


  • Refurbished phones are cost-effective. A refurbished pone can be a solution if you want something that would ordinarily be out of your budget. Such mobile phones are cheaper than their brand- new counterparts. This is why you can get your hands on your favourite older or latest phone of any make at a very affordable price.

If you wanted Xiaomi Mi A3, as a refurbished phone it would only cost you  Rs 9,999 instead of it’s original price which is Rs 13,499. By purchasing refurbished phone, you would save 25% of your savings.


  • These phones are almost brand-new. Buying a refurbished phone isn’t the same as buying a second-hand device from an acquaintance or an auction site. A refurbished phone undergoes various tests and once  it has been established that the device is in full working order, then only it would be put up on sale. They come with a certified quality, and are repaired and made free of all the faults that a phone might have.


  • Warranty or money back guarantee is another benefit of buying a refurbished phone.  Most certified dealers/sellers offer a decent warranty period when you make a purchase of a reconditioned phone from them. Normally, you get a warranty card for 90-180 days. Furthermore, some dealers also supply money back guarantee that means if you are not satisfied with your purchased product, you can send it back to them within specific days and get a full refund.


  •  Refurbished phones are eco-friendly. If you care about the environment, buying refurbished rather than brand new is a great way to help the planet. Think of what would happen if every old, used phone was to be ended up in the landfill. We would soon increase the e-waste that can pollute the groundwater and air, causing severe health issues for us. Refurbishing the old mobile phones reduces e-waste. So, when you buy a refurbished phone, you not only help yourself but also contributes in promoting the Green Environment.


  • Buying a refurbished phone can come with all the perks you would expect with buying new, including being able to insure your handset. Most 3rd party phone suppliers will ensure devices bought from them directly, so ensure that you include it at the checkout.

Smartphones are now the elixir of life as the data revolution and data needs shape our behaviour and enable decisions. Refurbished smartphones are becoming quite popular these days as more trusted resellers are emerging in the smartphone market. When buying them, you may find terms like “renewed,” “pre-owned,” or “reconditioned,” on the buying page. The words are interchangeable and might mean the same most of the time. All these terms actually represent that you are not the original phone owner, and it had previous owners. 

The ideal way to shop for a smartphone is to look for a good brand that fits in your budget. With a little research, one can find a great refurbished phone and enjoy the experience of a brand-new phone with affordable prices.

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